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The below list is indicative only and will be tailored for each individual client. A control visit twice per month (up to one hour’s inspection per visit) and 5 hours per month general administration and office work: o Checking house, garden, and pool maintenance. N.B. If guardians are on site, the agency will communicate with them to check on maintenance issues and will visit the property upon their request. o Checking mail - Reception and redirecting of post, faxes and other messages destined for the owners. o Checking of the alarm system and liaison with the security company. o Introduction to maintenance companies: Plumber, builder, electrician etc…

The agency will open a client account in order to pay all maintenance and non-maintenance expenses on behalf of the client. The cost per month would be estimated, in consultation with both parties, for the efficient running of the property.

Setting up and controlling payment dates for car and house insurance. The cost of these payments will be taken from the client’s account - The agency will make a claim for insurance in case of damages and will view the damages with the assessors – the same applies in case of a robbery (car or within the house). We will also liaise with the police and make a claim on the client’s behalf.

Management of staff or self-employed workers and their working schedule: Gardener, swimming pool specialist, cleaning lady etc...

Staff recruitment: The agency can propose a short list of suitable candidates to the client. The client would make the final decision on which candidate he wishes to recruit. In accordance with French law the client must be the direct employer but all paperwork, salary, taxes, holidays would be administered by the agency.The agency will employ an accountant who would oversee the staff wages and payslips. The accountant could also administer the tax forms / ISF for the French taxes etc, and will charge the client directly. Supervision and follow up, without any technical control or conformity of repairs, and upkeep of household equipment in the villa. o In case of work to be done in the villa, the agency would find suitable tradesmen and provide estimates for the client’s approval, unless the client nominates a particular person to use. In case of having to overview more major repairs, decoration or building work, the agency will employ a qualified technician on the client’s behalf (charged to the client); the agency will supervise the work to make sure everything is in order and will report on progress to the client. Additional hours will be charged per hour at the rate of 35 Euros per hour. Travel expenses will be charged for additional villa visits or errands and may be charged for regular visits, depending on the location of property.

Price: 350 - 500 Euros per month excluding TVA

(On the basis of a yearly contract payable in advance. Price will vary if on a monthly or occasional basis.)

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